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Meet The Team

Larshammar Craft & Design is run by me, Pelle Larshammar. My company was founded in year 2022 but my creative journey started much earlier.  

I grew up among the islands in Roslagen just off the east coast of Sweden, far from neighbors but close to nature. I remember how my brothers and I built bows of stolen juniper trees, created rafts out of old lumber and launching my first alpine ski collection at the age of six. The skis were one decimeter long and made of drawing paper, but this drive to design and put things together has followed me through life. What was once carving a stick or cutting and gluing I now refer to as arts and crafts as being a grown up requires some sophistication!

What I create is purely driven by passion and curiosity and the result can be anything between a pair of earrings to a kitchen table. When looking back at my projects I can spot common elements - natural materials and traditional craftwork methods with the ambition to end up with something functional with a clean and timeless look. Inherent Scandinavian style with a high-quality finish.  


​Almost all work takes place in my apartment's three- square meter big work space - a closet equipped with a working bench, hand tools and some very basic workshop machines – small spacing feeds big ideas. I hope you like what I do! 

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